Frequently Asked Questions

WABCO Original Packaging

Why is WABCO implementing a new packaging? How does the new packaging look like?

The new packaging initiative is WABCO's commitment to strengthen the authorized Independent After Market network and to create an even higher level of security for our customers to easily identify WABCO Original parts. The new packaging is equipped with probably the most fake-proof system currently available worldwide. It is available in 14 different sizes of carton boxes and 4 different sizes of foils. It displays a blue and green dovetailing line on white background. The WABCO Logo and Original lettering are printed in blue.

Will all deliveries be changed to the new packaging?

Only deliveries to WABCO's independent Aftermarket network will be changed step by step starting on April 28th 2013.

When will the new packaging be available?

The new packaging will be available starting April 28th 2013.

Security Lable/WABCO label

What is the security label?

The new WABCO label affixed on every single package is given an individually-generated unique serial code. This new system empowers customers to quickly and easily check the authenticity of the product online. The item unique code is inscribed on several different verification levels at the same time with a specific hybrid technology making it impossible to be reproduced. This new label and process protect our customers from counterfeiting and its liabilities consequences.

Is the security lable fake-proof?

Yes. It cannot be removed and re-applied. It destroys itself if manipulated.

Which information is shown on the WABCO label?

Additional information is printed on the label such as date of packaging, part number, delivery note, ship-to customer no. to ease the inventory for our authorized IAM distributors.

Verification Process

Can I check the QR code with my mobile?

Yes. But for this purpose you need a special manual scanner or a special app, which can however not be used on all mobiles. The required program can be downloaded directly on your mobile from the following address:

What is the detail of the different traffic light colors?

WABCO implemented a typical three color traffic light system to verify its products as follows: Green: Successful verification! The product is a WABCO Original product Yellow: Caution! The code is correct, but has been entered several times. If there is doubt about the authenticity of the product, please contact WABCO Original Team Red: Warning! The Code is incorrect. Please check again and correct if needed. If entry is correct the product might be a fake. Please contact WABCO Original Team.