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Ultrasonic Transmitter

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get link Damage and leaks on door and window seals are constantly occurring problems. They may result in annoying noises in the vehicle’s interior and unwanted penetration of moisture. Identifying these often tiny leaks is a time-consuming and complicated challenge for any workshop. Probably the most reliable solution on the market: the WABCO Ultrasonic Transmitter.

follow Examining a seal is a specialist’s job. Medical doctors have a light way to see if your hearing is impaired by, for instance, a small leak in your ear drum. Pretty much like the WABCO Ultrasonic Transmitter will help you to detect leaks in seals immediately. With WABCO, you become the specialist. Finding the cause of humidity entering a vehicle used to be a very time consuming job. If we could find it at all! A successful repair was not always made. The Ultrasonic Transmitter made the job much easier: it saves us time, and makes a specific, cost-efficient repair possible

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Benefits to support your business
  • Maintenance free, no need for calibration
  • Quick, time-saving and simple diagnostics of damaged door & window seals
  • Reliable and precise state-of-the-art technology
  • Easy to handle high-quality device
  • Leakage detection scan can become a standard procedure for all serviced vehicles – resulting in more satisfied customers
    • Interior noise is reduced
    • Extra costs incurred by moisture damage are avoided/li>
    • Shorter repair and downtime
    • Generating additional repair business
An ultramodern tool for time-saving precision
  • 14 spherically arranged ultrasonic transmitters for the uniform distribution of ultrasonic sound
  • Central Control Unit for the management of noise levels and sound frequency
  • Stethoscope for your convenience
WABCO Ultrasonic Transmitter
  • is recommended by service partners
  • is based on established technology in the boat (cargo) industry
  • is built on more than 25 years of diagnostic experience
  • uses the proven expertise of 150 years in automotive parts manufacturing