WABCO Exhibits its Leading Technology Breakthrough in Advanced Transmission Automation Systems for Trucks and Buses

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BRUSSELS, Belgium / LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, March 22, 2012 – WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, is presenting its breakthrough in advanced transmission automation technology at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky, through March 24. WABCO’s technology available in North America offers transmission automation in commercial vehicles, boosting fuel savings up to five percent and reducing emissions through optimized gear shifting.

This WABCO technology improves driver effectiveness, particularly among less experienced drivers. It also enhances vehicle safety by freeing drivers from frequent shifting, allowing them to further concentrate on traffic conditions.

WABCO introduced the commercial vehicle industry’s first electronic automated manual transmission (AMT) system in 1986 and has continued with pioneering engineering ever since. In 2011, WABCO was also first to market with a high-temperature AMT system to meet increasing demands from customers.

In North America, up to 40 percent of trucks sold in 2011 by one of the leading global original equipment makers were trucks equipped with WABCO’s advanced AMT systems.

AMT systems, which combine the high efficiency of a manual gearbox with the optimal shift timing of an automatic one, continue to gain global acceptance among major manufacturers of transmissions, trucks and buses. For example, AMT systems account for more than 60 percent of transmissions in trucks and buses in Europe.

“WABCO’s advanced transmission automation technology is increasingly being adopted by leading truck and bus makers in North America, further marking WABCO’s technology leadership,” said Nikhil Varty, WABCO Vice President, Americas. “As the industry’s technological benchmark for AMT solutions, we offer original equipment manufacturers the best of all worlds – ease of operation, better vehicle control and higher fuel economy.”

WABCO Breakthroughs

As the technology leader in the global commercial vehicle industry, WABCO’s breakthroughs include, among other vehicle safety and efficiency technologies, the first autonomous emergency braking system (AEBS), the first collision mitigation system (CMS) with active braking, and the first electronic stability control (ESC) system. WABCO also pioneered the industry’s first electronic braking system (EBS), the first electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), the first automated manual transmission (AMT) system, the first anti-lock braking system (ABS), and the first high performance single-piston air disc brakes.

Founded in the United States in 1869 as Westinghouse Air Brake Company, WABCO is a U.S. public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


WABCO (NYSE: WBC) is a leading global supplier of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. For over 140 years, WABCO has pioneered breakthrough electronic, mechanical and mechatronic technologies for braking, stability and transmission automation systems supplied to the world’s leading commercial truck, trailer and bus manufacturers. With sales of $2.8 billion in 2011, WABCO is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.  For more information, visit www.wabco-auto.com

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