WABCO Obtains Approval in EU for ESCsmart, a Breakthrough Technology

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WABCO Obtains Approval in EU for ESCsmart, a Breakthrough Technology and Industry’s Most Efficient Method to Certify Electronic Stability Control for Trucks and Buses

BRUSSELS, Belgium, July 15, 2009 – WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, today announced that WABCO’s ESCsmart™ system has been certified by TÜV Nord Germany, an accredited technical service, which leads to the approval by the German Federal Authority for Road Transport. As a result, WABCO’s ESCsmart system is now approved for use in all 27 countries in the European Union and in 20 other countries worldwide where electronic stability control (ESC) for commercial vehicles is applied in accordance with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Regulation 13 for braking.

nackte teen WABCO’s new ESCsmart system is the global commercial vehicle industry’s first technology that uses computational simulation to homologate electronic stability control systems for trucks and buses. It avoids the traditional approach to ESC homologation which requires original equipment manufacturers to physically test all variants of vehicles. It substantially increases flexibility and saves significant time and labor for truck and bus makers.

http://raglu.ch/?CAMS=junge-gay-boys As recently reported, the EU has approved a mandate that sets better standards to improve road safety in Europe, including the EU’s new regulation to introduce ESC systems as compulsory on new heavy commercial vehicles from November 2011. Currently, less than 10 percent of the total number of heavy duty trucks produced in Europe are equipped with electronic stability control.

gay wbcam “An outstanding achievement, WABCO’s new ESCsmart system also enables original equipment manufacturers and vehicle body builders to design and sell unique vehicle configurations despite their lack of pre-existing ESC parameter settings,” said Jean-Christophe Figueroa, WABCO Vice President, Vehicle Dynamics and Control. “With ESCsmart technology, commercial vehicle makers can respond faster to market needs by introducing new vehicle types within significantly shorter development phases. Drawing on our technology leadership, we help customers in Europe and worldwide to optimize their total cost and effort of adopting electronic stability control.”

sexting snapchat female users WABCO pioneered ESC for commercial vehicles in 2001 and has continued to innovate this safety technology ever since. ESC improves directional stability and helps protect against roll-over, skidding, spinning and jack-knifing. WABCO has sold more than 50,000 ESC systems since its introduction.

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WABCO Vehicle Control Systems (NYSE: WBC) is a leading supplier of safety and control systems for commercial vehicles. For over 140 years, WABCO has pioneered breakthrough electronic, mechanical and mechatronic technologies for braking, stability, and transmission automation systems supplied to the world’s leading commercial truck, trailer, and bus manufacturers. With sales of $2.6 billion in 2008, WABCO is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. For more information, visit www.wabco-auto.com

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