TRISTOP™ D Spring Brake Chamber

Double Diaphragm Spring Brake Chambers for Air Disc and Drum Brakes

Features fully sealed parking chamber with internal breathing valve; coil clash-free design, and redundant sealing.

The design of WABCO’s Double Diaphragm Spring Brakes, based on more than 15 years of engineering experience, provides a compact solution for air disc brakes and S-cam brakes.

The coil clash free parking spring increases the brake chamber life and a variety of connection port locations enable customized solutions for different vehicle applications.

  • Internal Breathing Valve (IBV) technology allows only clean and dry air from the braking system to enter the brake chamber
  • The parking spring housing is protected from contaminants
  • The coil clash-free design prevents corrosion of the parking spring
  • Improved vehicle uptime and lower service cost
  • Service pressure up to 10 bar / 145 psi
  • Stroke length up to 75 mm / 3.0 in
  • Coil clash free parking spring
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Heavy and medium duty trucks
  • Trailers
  • Off-Highway