OnCity™ Urban Turning Assist

Ground breaking concept pioneers city safety with industry’s widest field-of-view sensor

OnCity™ Urban Turning Assist is WABCO's breakthrough technology to help protect pedestrians and cyclists in city traffic. This unique and convenient single-sensor solution developed by WABCO, is the commercial vehicle industry's first collision avoidance system that uses LiDAR technology for the purpose of object detection.

Innovatively engineered for trucks, buses and tractor-trailers, WABCO's OnCity advanced driver assistance system also delivers the industry's widest field-of-view – up to 180 degrees – utilizing a single sensor for safety monitoring to help protect vulnerable road users located on the vehicle's blindside. Using proprietary algorithms, OnCity detects and distinguishes moving and stationary objects, including pedestrians and cyclists.

WABCO's OnCity alerts the driver via visual and acoustic signals of a potential collision with unprotected road users both right before and during a turning maneuver. The system can autonomously apply the brake to prevent collisions should the driver fail to take corrective action.


Customer Value
  • Helps to prevent most fatal accidents in urban areas involving commercial vehicles
  • Helps to improve city safety for traffic participants significantly
  • Supports truck drivers in a complex, critical and commercial vehicle specific driving situation
  • Provides scalable performance levels from warning to active braking
  • Provides OE customers with customizable warning cascade
  • Discreet design maintains the vehicle aesthetics
  • Comes as a building block technology for Autonomous Driving
  • Reliably monitors blind-spots on the nearside of the commercial vehicle
  • Detects and distinguishes moving and stationary objects including pedestrians and cyclists
  • Identifies driver’s intention to turn to the nearside and warns visually and acoustically about unprotected road users
  • Visually and acoustically alerts the driver of impending collisions with unprotected road users during turning maneuver
  • Able to automatically apply the brakes when driver does not take corrective measures
  • Comes with continuously scanning laser sensor with up to 180° field-of-view and up to 25m peak scanning distance
  • LiDAR sensor with active lighting reliably performs even in low visibility conditions
  • One-box-solution easily adaptable to a wide range of truck and bus platforms