Market leading collision mitigation systems in North America

mobile cam sex OnGuard™ was the first commercial vehicle Collision Safety System with Active Braking. This innovative system can automatically maintain a safe following distance and helps avoid or reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by braking as needed.

brazil chat room The OnGuard system can activate the brakes - even before driver demand - when it detects unsafe distances between the truck and surrounding vehicle traffic, reducing the time to achieve proper braking pressure. Those extra moments can help prevent a collision or greatly reduce its impact. OnGuard is so smart, it sees around curves. Its radar sensor technology uses an internal yaw rate sensor to detect that the host vehicle is driving in a curve and therefore adjusts its prediction of the host vehicle's travelling path to make objects relevant also driving a curve.

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  • Helps to avoid impending rear-end collisions
  • Delivers strong performance in poor visibility conditions
  • High bandwidth enables high accuracy in object detection
  • Allows early recognition of potential critical situations
  • Optional ACC offers fuel saving potentials up to 1%
  • Robust 77GHz 'radar-only' solution with up to 650 feet reach
  • Performs active braking on moving, stopping and stationary vehicles
  • Supports driver with forward collision warning and evasive maneuver check
  • Offers Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as optional feature
  • Modular, scalable one-box-solution applicable to a wide range of vehicle configurations
  • Heavy, medium and light duty truck
  • Bus, coach
  • Off-Highway