Air System Protector

Coalescing Cartridge

WABCO was the first to introduce to the automotive market an air dryer cartridge with integrated coalescing function that separates humidity and fine oil aerosols to protect the air system. The Air System Protector uses space-saving coalescing fleece filters to provide excellent oil separation performance without compromising the cartridge’s drying performance.

  • Superior drying performance protects the entire air system against humidity causing corrosion and freezing
  • Desiccant material remains effective even in demanding applications
  • Coalescing cartridges reduce repair costs thanks to an additional oil separating function
  • Premium oil coalescing filter
  • More desiccant than other solutions in the market
  • Available for nearly all spin on cartridge air dryers
  • Heavy, medium and light duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-Highway

Air System Protector Brochure (EN)

PDF, 2.35MB

Air System Protector Portfolio Overview (EN)

PDF, 1.90MB