OnHand™ Electro-Pneumatic Parking Brake

Evolution of the parking brake paves the road towards Autonomous Driving

Innovatively engineered to be the industry's leanest solution, OnHand parking brake technology provides automatic engage and release functionalities. Actuated via a dashboard switch, the control system also checks and validates the safe parking of the truck and trailer combination, including on sloping roads. In addition, this parking brake can provide back-up braking in case of an electrical service-brake failure in autonomous driving applications.


Customer Value
  • Helps improve vehicle safety and driver comfort
  • Supports modern, aesthetic cockpit and dashboard designs
  • Provides outstanding installation flexibility
  • Provides reliable performance and easy maintenance
  • Enables multiple optional, value-adding features
  • Seamlessly complements mBSP™ as building block towards autonomous driving
  • Replaces conventional parking brake with a compact mechatronic device
  • Comes with automatic engage and release functionality
  • Allows comfortable, manual actuation via a dashboard switch
  • Enables both trailer-check and graduated secondary braking functionalities
  • Scalable design to meet individual customer key needs worldwide
  • Provides integrated anti-lock braking support
  • Comes with a unique lean design concept based on bi-stable solenoid valves
  • Developed in line with ISO 26262
  • Requires less pneumatic piping compared to a conventional parking brake
  • Utilizes the same hardware and software structure as mBSP™ to leverage synergies
  • Capable of providing backup braking in case of electrical service brake failure