Modular transmission automation system

OptiDrive™ is an award-winning modular transmission automation technology that can be easily adapted to a wide range of existing manual gearboxes.


  • Relieves driver from clutch and shifting operations
  • Achieves up to 5% fuel savings vs. manual transmission
  • Optimal gear shifts reduce maintenance cost, clutch wear and downtime
  • Minimizes the performance gap between experienced and non-experienced drivers
  • Helps the driver to give full attention to the road
  • Enables comfortable, smooth and safe driving like an automatic transmission
  • High degree of modularity significantly reduces development cost and time
  • Complete system includes AMT hardware and shift software
  • System modularity easily adapts to existing gearboxes
  • Minimizes space requirements at gearbox
  • Available for 5-speed up to 18-speed applications
  • Designed for constant and synchro-mesh gearboxes
  • Offers a wide range of driver functions
  • Heavy, medium and light duty truck
  • Bus, coach
  • Off-Highway