Uniquely provides an advanced set of operational trailer and multi-brand EBS/reefer data

  • Trailer, truck & driver-related information in one back office platform helps to optimize logistical processes
  • Track and trace capabilities help optimize fleet management
  • Remote Diagnostics allow fleets to provide immediate support to drivers on the road and to reduce downtime by allowing them to schedule preventive maintenance
  • Web-based system requires no additional software
  • Access relevant trailer data in real-time on a computer, iPad or other portable devices
  • Vehicle data can be visible to the dispatcher in the fleet’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Fleet Management System (FMS)
  • Management overview of the vehicle performance allows fleets to optimize capacity investments and planning
  • Helps to improve safety by monitoring information about driver behavior
  • Use sensor data to improve vehicle handling and reduce operational costs, damages
  • Long-lasting batteries transmit the trailer’s position for eight weeks without recharging
  • Connection with EBS provides unique information to fleets
  • Telematics unit can be hidden between trailer axles
  • Collects data on trailer door status, correct coupling to the truck, reefer temperature & status, tire pressure, trailer braking, stability and other efficiency and safety systems
  • Data is sent to a protected data center and is visualized in the TX-CONNECT back office system or integrated to 3rd party software systems via web service integration
  • The multi-language web-based back office portal can be programmed to send real-time alerts to multiple user groups, such as dispatchers, fleet managers, service managers, cargo owners or service centers
  • Automated management reporting allows analysis of trailer performance
  • Real-time alerts can be tailored for specific user groups in local languages