OptiFlow™ SideWings

Proven aerodynamic technology for trailers

OptiFlow SideWing is a unique aerodynamic solution that reduces the aerodynamic drag of a trailer, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced carbon emission for long-haul operations.

Use the SideWing Fuel-Saving Calculator to see how much money you can save by installing OptiFlow SideWings.


  • Proven to deliver up to 5% fuel savings (up to 1.5 liter / 100 km at high speed)
  • CO2 reduction of up to 3.8 tons per semi trailer per year
  • Reduces road spray on wet roads
  • Helps to improve under ride protection for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists
  • Modular panel system can be opened for easy access to control devices
  • Long field life
  • High resistance to damage
  • Innovative aeronautical technology for road vehicles
  • Unique wing-shaped air flow conductor delivers fuel savings
  • Manufactured using PDCPD (Polydicyclopentadiene) material offering high resistance to impact, easy to paint
  • Consists of individual panels that open effortlessly using a specially designed locking mechanism
  • Modular system for series production
  • Innovative installation system resulting in short installation times
  • Long and short configuration available
  • Semi-trailers