MAXX™ 22T Air Disc Brake with Wheel Speed Sensor

Trailer Air Disc Brake

MAXX 22T further improves the weight-performance ratio of WABCO’s single-piston PAN™ trailer braking technology, which is recognized as one of the industry’s most successful air disc brakes.

  • Innovative lightweight design perfectly adapted to trailer needs
  • Up to 4 kg / 9 lb lighter than previous generation of trailer brakes
  • Up to 24 kg / 53 lb weight saving in a typical trailer application increases payload significantly
  • Supports trailer applications up to 10t axle load
  • Single piston clamping unit in a monobloc caliper delivers braking performance of up to 21,000 Nm / 15,400 ft lbs
  • Available with end-of-life wear sensor
  • Trailers
  • Off-Highway
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