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Joint Ventures

We use joint ventures globally to expand and enhance our access to customers. Our important joint ventures are:

  • A majority-owned joint venture (90%) in Japan with Sanwa-Seiki (WABCO Japan, Inc.) that distributes WABCO’s products in the local market.
  • A majority-owned (70%) manufacturing partnership in the United States with Cummins Engine Co. (WABCO Compressor Manufacturing Co.) formed to produce air compressors designed by WABCO.
  • A majority-owned joint venture (70%) with Guangdong FUWA Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., (FUWA) formed to produce air disc brakes for commercial trailers in China. FUWA is the largest manufacturer of commercial trailer axles in China and in the world.
  • A 50% owned joint venture in Germany with Wurth Group (WABCOWURTH Workshop Services GmbH) that supplies commercial vehicle workshops, fleet owners and operators and end users internationally with multi-brand technology diagnostic systems.
  • Two other joint ventures (Meritor-WABCO, Sturrock and Robson Industries) are now wholly-owned by WABCO following their buyout in 2017.


Reference: WABCO Annual Report