Truck OnLane™ Camera OptiTire™ ECU OnGuard™ Radar Sensor Steering Angle Sensor ESCsmart™ Module Central Vehicle Module ABS Solenoid Valve Integrated Pedal Unit EBS ECU EBS Axle Modulator 1Ch EBS Axle Modulator 2Ch EBS Trailer Control Valve Hand Brake Valve Relay Valve SCR Water Control Valve Automated Manual Transmission Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator Multiplex System OptiRide™ Pressure Sensor OptiRide™ Solenoid Valve OptiRide™ Remote Control Unit Cab Leveling Valve Retarder Control Valve OptiTire™ ECU MAXX™ 22 Air Disc Brake with Wheel Speed Sensor UNISTOP™ Service Brake Chamber TRISTOP™ Piston Type Spring Brake Actuator c-comp™ Clutch Compressor FuelGuard™ Electronic Air Processing Unit Air Reservoir eTASC SmartBoard Park Release Emergency Valve Lift Axle Control Valve - Impulse Controlled Trailer EBS-E TX-TRAILERGUARD™ Telematics Electronic Extension Module TailGUARD™ Ultrasonic Sensors OptiLevel™ Height Sensor EBS Relay Valve OptiFlow™ SideWings OptiFlow™ Tail MAXX™ 22T Air Disc Brake with Wheel Speed Sensor UNISTOP™ Service Brake Chamber TRISTOP™ D Double Diaphragm Spring Brake Actuator Air Reservoir OptiRide™ Height Sensor OptiTire™ Internal Sensor OptiTire™ Internal Sensor

Truck Technologies

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

If a truck stays in the right lane, at the right speed, with the right tire pressures and is fitted with the smartest collision protection devices, then it travels more efficiently and more safely. That's exactly what ADAS systems help to achieve...

  • OnGuardACTIVE™ - An active safety system that helps prevent accidents by warning drivers of potential rear-end collisions, and even intervenes if needed.
  • OnLane™ - With so many distractions on the road, this lane departure warning system uses camera technology to help keep drivers on the right track.
  • OptiPace™ - WABCO‘s predictive economic cruise control offers fuel saving potential by adjusting vehicle speed to undulating road topography.
  • TailGUARD™ for Truck & Bus - WABCO's new blind spot detection solution for your truck and bus.
  • OptiTire™ - With WABCO's next generation tire monitoring system, journeys can be not only safer but more economical.

Brake and Stability Control

Whether it's the latest electronic system or the oldest type of solenoid valve, there's always one thing that WABCO delivers with them. Quality. With quality comes safety and reliability: the two most important words in vehicle braking and stability control.

  • mBSP™ - WABCO's industry-first modular braking system platform 
  • ESCsmart™ - If a vehicle becomes unstable this intelligent system automatically intervenes to reduce rollover risk.

Foundation Brakes

The most demanding heavy truck, bus and off-highway applications require air brake components with the best stopping credentials. WABCO's MAXX range is a game-changing generation of high performance, single-piston air disc brakes that further improve vehicle safety and efficiency.

  • MAXX™ 22 Air Disc Brake - The industry’s lightest and highest performing single-piston air disc brake designed for heavy duty commercial vehicles.
  • MAXX™ 19 Air Disc Brake - Engineered for medium duty vehicles. Maintenance costs can be reduced thanks to exchangeable wear sensor technology.
  • MAXX™ 17 Air Disc Brake - A top performer for 17.5 inch wheels that boosts braking performance and offers a choice of wear sensor technologies.
  • MAXXUS™ Air Disc Brake - High-performance brake power from Medium to Severe Duty significantly reduces stopping distance of North American commercial vehicles.
  • WABCO EasyFit™ - An automatic slack adjuster that ensures the correct transmission of power from the actuator to the drum brake S-camshaft.



These are the real heroes of the air brake world – transforming compressed power into mechanical action. WABCO's unique offering is a range of low-maintenance actuators that can be tailored to customer requirements. Please tell us yours...

Air Compression

With monobloc crankcases and hardened steel crankshafts, this wide range of proven compressors is suitable for almost any application, offering multiple options – such as off-load power reduction or improved cylinder head cooling capacity.

  • h-comp™ - WABCO designed its High Output Compressor, h-comp, to increase the free air delivery by using a 100 mm piston diameter.
  • c-comp™ - A simple on-off control and an integrated pneumatic clutch means that this compressor uses less engine power.
  • d-comp™ - Extra cooling and higher performance are the key benefits of this revolutionary two-stage compressor.
  • e-comp™ - For vehicles with hybrid and full electric drivelines, this robust compressor can work off an independent power source.

Air Processing

A broad range that extends air processing units to include air dryers, cartridges, multi-circuit protection, governors and a variety of valves. WABCO air processing products protect against water ingress and other pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling regeneration.

Air Suspension

Thanks to highly innovative, market-leading solutions, WABCO continues to set the global standard for cabin air suspension. The direct effect on driver efficiency, health and morale is proving invaluable to fleet operators worldwide.

  • Cabin Levelling Valve - A long-life, low-maintenance, customizable solution that can take greater extremes than valves with dynamic sealing.
  • OptiRide™ - A driver's dream: high traction 6x4 or 6x2, automatic lift axle control, axle load monitoring, and easy loading/coupling.

Driveline Control

With more than 40 years' experience in clutch control and over 20 years in transmission automation, WABCO has developed – in close cooperation with customers – a diverse selection of driveline control systems and devices.

Vehicle Electronic Systems

Searching for smart, customized answers to solve complex electronic challenges? Our intelligent control units and components deliver advanced solutions – such as Door Control, Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) – via a CAN network.

Emission Control

WABCO is extending its range of technologies that assist original equipment manufacturers in the advancement of vehicle efficiency and improve their environmental friendliness – thereby helping to meet international regulations on emission reduction.

  • SCR Water Control Valve - Supports emission control of Selective Catalytic Reduction. Built to last, yet lightweight and filter-free for low maintenance.

Trailer Technologies

Trailer Aerodynamics

With an innovative aeronautical technology applied to road vehicles, these unique aerodynamics devices for trailers offer significant fuel savings on long range distances at highway speeds.

  • OptiFlow SideWings - Proven aerodynamics deliver up to 1.5L / 100km fuel savings at highway speed, and reduce wet road spray.
  • OptiFlow Tail - Easy to install and retrofit, this saves up to 1.1L fuel / 100km at highway speed.

Trailer Telematics

When it comes to telematics, there's no need to look anywhere else. WABCO is a one-stop-shop, offering truck, driver and trailer information in one single platform, and the comprehensive services of Europe's leading fleet management specialist.

Intelligent Trailer Program

Want to reduce expenditure while increasing driver safety and comfort? Then the logical choice is the award-winning Intelligent Trailer Program. With over 40 different functions to choose from these five areas, it's the most customizable, cost-effective solution available.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The high quality, market-leading products in this range epitomize – and achieve – everything that WABCO stands for. Safety and efficiency founded on practical innovation.

  • TailGUARD for Trailers - Rear blind spot detection system that automatically stops the trailer in the event of an imminent collision.
  • OptiTire™ - Avoid blowouts and unnecessary wear with this next generation tire pressure monitoring system that's easy to retrofit.

Brake and Stability Control

  • Trailer EBS-E - Customizable central platform for the intelligent control of more than 40 functions that enhance trailer efficiency and safety.

Trailer Foundation Brakes

Looking for lighter brakes to help reduce fuel consumption? Ones with really good running clearance in all conditions? Look no further...

Trailer Air Suspension

From conventional pneumatic air suspension to the latest electronic air suspension, automatic lifting to smart levelling – it's all here...

OptiLock™ - Security Solutions

OptiLock is WABCO’s range of high-quality locking systems, tailored to suit applications across a broad range of vehicle types.

Produits et Systèmes WABCO

Pour des systèmes avancés d'assistance au chauffeur et des systèmes de contrôle de véhicules de  freinage et de gestion d'air, WABCO offre des innovations avancées qui s'appuient sur plus d'un siècle d'excellence en ingénierie. Aujourd'hui, le portefeuille diversifié WABCO sert toutes les catégories de véhicules industriels. Notre écoute client à travers le monde donne lieu à de nombreux produits et systèmes pour les clients OE et AfterMarket cherchant à améliorer la sécurité et l'efficacité de leurs véhicules.

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