Foundation Brakes

The most demanding heavy truck, bus and off-highway applications require air brake components with the best stopping credentials. WABCO's MAXX range is a game-changing generation of high performance, single-piston air disc brakes that further improve vehicle safety and efficiency.



MAXX™ 22 Air Disc Brake

The industry’s lightest and highest performing single-piston air disc brake designed for heavy duty commercial vehicles.

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MAXX™ 17 Air Disc Brake

A top performer for 17.5 inch wheels that boosts braking performance and offers a choice of wear sensor technologies.

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MAXX™22L Heavy Duty Air Disc Brake

MAXX 22L features an optimized rear-axle design that requires less brake torque than air disc brakes for front axles.

WABCO EasyFit™

An automatic slack adjuster that ensures the correct transmission of power from the actuator to the drum brake S-camshaft.

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High-performance brake power from Medium to Severe Duty significantly reduces stopping distance of North American commercial vehicles.

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MAXX™ 22T Trailer Air Disc Brake

MAXX 22T further improves the weight-performance ratio of WABCO’s single-piston PAN™ trailer braking technology, which is recognized as one of the industry’s most successful air disc brakes.

MAXX™ 19 Air Disc Brake

Engineered for medium duty vehicles. Maintenance costs can be reduced thanks to exchangeable wear sensor technology.

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