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IVTM™ Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring

Innovative technology for integrated monitoring of tire pressure on trucks, buses and trailers

WABCO’s Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring system IVTM is especially developed for commercial vehicles. WABCO IVTM helps to ensure optimal tire pressure at all times to reduce fuel consumption and increase tire lifetime. It is a simple and cost-effective way to decrease fleet running costs while improving vehicle safety. IVTM provides the driver with constant updates of tire pressures directly from each monitored wheel. Furthermore IVTM helps preventing tire blow-outs by timely informing the truck driver of a leak before the tire goes flat and is destroyed. In combination with TrailerGUARD telematics, IVTM also reports the tire pressures to a web portal and warns the fleet manager or dispatcher via SMS or e-mail.

Aftermarket Benefits
  • Reliable measurement of absolute tire pressure by wheel modules
  • Records pressure information of both truck and trailer
  • Analysis of the tire pressure profile
    • Compares parameterized thresholds
    • Detects early leakage by axle-wise comparison
  • Tire pressure data from each tire can be sent to the driver in the truck cabin via CAN or wireless connection to dashboard, IVTM™  display or SmartBoard
  • Tire pressure readouts can remotely be sent to dispatchers via TrailerGUARDTM Telematics
  • Warning signal is shown on dashboard in cabin and SmartBoard on trailer in case of critical pressure variation
  • Monitors up to 16 tires per system – or up to 80 tires by combining five systems


ROI Calculator

Use the Return on Investment Calculator to see how much money you can save by installing IVTM.


Return on Investment Calculator

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