WABCO Showcases Comprehensive Range of Advanced Aftermarket Solutions at Automechanika Dubai 2017; Launches WABCO Reman Solutions in the Middle East, Africa Region

WABCO Showcases Comprehensive Range of Advanced Aftermarket Solutions at Automechanika Dubai 2017; Launches WABCO Reman Solutions in the Middle East, Africa Region

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 7, 2017 – WABCO (NYSE: WBC), a leading global supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, will showcase its comprehensive range of advanced aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle fleets at Automechanika Dubai 2017, a leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry. The trade event will take place from May 7-9, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Dubai.

WABCO will feature a broad range of advanced technologies that improve vehicle safety and efficiency. In addition, the company will demonstrate how its technologies support commercial vehicle fleets in reducing their operating costs, thereby improving their overall profitability.

“The Gulf region is an attractive market for fleets,” explains Philippe Colpron, WABCO Vice President, Aftermarket. “Customers in these markets are continuously looking for new ways to grow their global presence and that growth requires the support of the transport and logistics industry in the region. This includes, for example, meeting the logistical needs of several massive infrastructure projects such as the Expo Dubai 2020 and the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Our role is to support these transport and logistics operators and fleets, helping them to reduce vehicle downtime while maximizing vehicle safety and operational efficiency.”

Highlights of WABCO’s exhibits at Automechanika Dubai include the premiere of WABCO Reman Solutions in the Middle East and Africa, a showcase of WABCO’s budget offering under the ProVia brand and its industry-leading original WABCO products:

  • WABCO Reman Solutions – Delivers a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly service that returns used electronics, hydraulic, mechatronic components and conventional mechanical products to fully-warranted products in same-as-new condition. WABCO experts will showcase a remanufactured, same-as-new air compressor and an axle modulator, examples of a broad product portfolio delivered by dedicated global remanufacturing facilities. Connected by WABCO’s powerful supply chain, remanufacturing operations meet exacting quality standards based on WABCO’s proven Six Sigma Lean and ISO-certified manufacturing processes.
  • ProVia – ProVia parts are specifically engineered to provide reliable performance and are manufactured to industry-leading standards, with no frills yet no compromise on quality or safety. ProVia helps distributors, workshops and fleet operators serving the commercial vehicle industry worldwide to bridge the gap between low-end budget parts and premium aftermarket parts, striking a powerful balance between safety, reliability and cost. Since its launch in January 2016, ProVia has steadily increased its product portfolio and global distribution network, now offering more than 100 products in 12 product categories. ProVia services 750 OE cross references covering key commercial vehicles types operating in the region.

“We are also seeing a growing demand for a broader and smarter range of solutions in the Middle East to meet the variety of fleet needs there,” Colpron continues. “It’s an evolution we are ready to support through the introduction of both our Reman range as well as ProVia, our reliable and safety-focused budget parts range.”

Addressing the fleet management needs in the market, WABCO will also showcase its advanced suite of Fleet Management Solutions, which directly address the Middle East’s fleet management needs with software, hardware and services that lead to more efficient operations with improved customer experience and environmental performance. WABCO experts will demonstrate the capabilities of the TX-SKY on-board computer, a fully integrated component of a Fleet Management System (FMS) that enables commercial vehicle fleet owners to monitor their entire fleet in real time.

“At Automechanika Dubai, we are thrilled to demonstrate how WABCO’s technology leadership is supporting the growth of commercial fleets in the Middle East and Africa region,” said Abdallah Harati, WABCO Vice President, Fleet Management Solutions. “From introducing more and better options for replacement parts to industry-leading fleet management solutions and high-quality original products, WABCO’s comprehensive range of solutions empowers fleets to operate more efficiently.”

WABCO will also showcase some of its extensive portfolio of original equipment at Automechanika Dubai, including:

  • Award-winning Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) – WABCO's AMT technology helps commercial vehicle fleets to improve fuel economy, driver effectiveness and vehicle safety. It automatically engages the vehicle's clutch and gear shift actuation, taking into account the driver’s operation, engine torque, vehicle load and road inclination and resulting in optimized gear shifting. WABCO's AMT technology helps improve fuel economy up to 5% under certain conditions. In addition, it enhances driver ease-of-use and comfort, enabling them to further focus on vehicle and road safety. WABCO's AMT also helps reduce wear on transmission components, resulting in lower maintenance costs. WABCO offers effective diagnostic and repair solutions, as well as related training programs to extend the lifetime of AMTs on trucks in revenue service today.
  • Air cartridges – Genuine WABCO air dryer cartridges offer reliable protection for air brake systems, separating 100% of water from the braking chamber and up to 99.95% of all additional particles. WABCO’s four different types of air cartridges are each specifically designed to perform in a variety of applications and conditions, from the everyday to the harshest operating environments, performance factors, mileage or service intervals.
  • Bio-Circle – This innovative and intelligent cleaning system for vehicle parts, workshop tools and sealing surfaces uses natural ingredients to organically digest as much as 500ml of oil per day. It constantly regenerates its own pH-neutral fluid, resulting in a level of cleaning durability that is four times higher than most common cold cleaners. Bio-Circle’s self-contained, user-friendly system makes workshop cleaning tasks easy, safe and convenient while avoiding the health concerns, environmental issues and costs associated with the use of harsh chemicals.

Products and services on display at Automechanika remain a small selection of a much larger World of Solutions offering made available by WABCO to customers in more than 110 countries today. This includes a wide range of aftermarket services, diagnostic systems, support tools and training programs. WABCO builds on a portfolio of more than 10,000 customized repair, retrofit and remanufacturing solutions. Supported by more than 2,500 Service Partners, WABCO’s extensive capabilities are designed to meet the ever changing fleet customer needs in the Middle East and around the globe.

Dubai World Trade Center
May 7-9, 2017
German Pavillion HALL 2 -A32


Press Photo / Caption: WABCO will showcase its Reman Solutions business at Automechanika Dubai 2017 for the first time. WABCO Reman Solutions delivers a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly service that returns used electronics, hydraulic, mechatronic components and conventional mechanical products to fully-warranted products in same-as-new condition.


WABCO (NYSE: WBC) is a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles. Founded nearly 150 years ago, WABCO continues to pioneer breakthrough innovations for advanced driver assistance, braking, stability control, suspension, transmission automation and aerodynamics. Partnering with the transportation industry as it maps a route toward autonomous driving, WABCO also uniquely connects trucks, trailers, cargo, drivers, business partners and fleet operators through advanced fleet management systems and mobile solutions. WABCO reported sales of $2.8 billion in 2016. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, WABCO has 13,000 employees in 40 countries. For more information, visit www.wabco-auto.com.

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