WABCO's Lane Departure Warning System - An Extra Eye on Safety

With so many distractions on the road, this lane departure warning system uses camera technology to help keep drivers on the right track.


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Customer Value
  • Camera based warning system that helps your vehicle to stay in lane
  • Recognizes lane markings and evaluates vehicle position
  • Warns the driver with visual, audible or haptic signals
  • Alerts the driver to take corrective action to prevent unintentional lane drift
  • Helps to avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents
  • Supports driver‘s attention level and encourages use of turn signals
  • High resolution (1024 x 512) camera adapts easily to changing light conditions
  • Intelligent and reliable lane tracking algorithm for global road applications
  • Flexible windshield mounting suitable for truck and bus installations
  • Video-stream can be transmitted to Fleet Management System (via LVDS interface)
  • Allows fleets to individually customize a wide range of unique warning parameters
    • Different sound volumes for start-up check and actual warning
    • Speed dependent sound volumes
    • Warning suppression due to turn signal behavior
  • Heavy, medium and light duty truck
  • Bus, coach
  • Off-Highway
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