WABCO Cartridge / Recycling Cartridge

Robust design, excellent performance

For nearly 20 years, WABCO Air Cartridges have delivered proven excellent performance on the road. WABCO only selects premium drying pearls for its cartridges and uses a desiccant that ensures outstanding drying performance and highly reliable protection against humidity.

WABCO also helps preserve natural recourses by recycling cartridge drying materials: Up to 30% of the drying pearls used in WABCO's recycling cartridges come from recycled material, and all of the cartridge’s materials can be recycled.

  • Protects the entire air system against humidity
  • Desiccant material remains robust in demanding applications
  • Enables 2-year service intervals under normal conditions
  • Uses WABCO premium grade desiccant
  • Recycling cartridge with up to 30% recycled desiccant
  • Available for nearly all spin on cartridge air dryers
  • Heavy, medium and light duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-Highway
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