Electronic Air Processing Unit

FuelGuard™ is the new generation of electronic air processing units connected via CAN bus to the vehicle’s electronic architecture. FuelGuard incorporates air dryer, multi-circuit protection valve, pressure sensors and control functions for power reduction, clutch and electrically driven compressors.

Its modular design, small size, low weight and rich set of options make it the right choice for a wide range of commercial vehicle types and applications.

  • Significant fuel savings in combination with c-comp™ compressor technology
  • Most efficient use of engine-free energy or "overrun" phases
  • Cost efficient design automatically adapts to a variety of compressor and air reservoir sizes
  • Modular solution lowers vehicle integration costs by supporting global vehicle platforms
  • Improved electronic APU incorporates air dryer, multiple circuit protection valve, pressure sensors and power reduction / clutch steering functions
  • Connected via CAN-bus to the vehicle electronic architecture
  • Modular design with a wide set of options for different markets
  • Heavy, medium and light duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-Highway
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