mBSP™ Modular Braking System Platform

Mobilizing the Future of Braking

Building on decades of experience gained from pioneering advanced braking systems for the commercial vehicle industry, WABCO creatively engineered the commercial vehicle industry's first modular braking system platform mBSP to feature a high degree of standardization across both components and system software of its ABS and EBS systems. WABCO's mBSP reduces the number of ABS components by 50 percent to the same amount of components as in an EBS. By leveraging the advantages of WABCO's mBSP, vehicle manufacturers can significantly reduce system development, installation and software testing time for their diverse brands and vehicle portfolios globally, and bring new trucks and buses to market faster.

With WABCO's modular braking system platform, ABS and EBS components use the same mounting positions and interfaces on the commercial vehicle platform. Therefore, WABCO enables global truck and bus makers to tailor their vehicle platforms to regional requirements by interchangeably equipping them with either ABS or EBS. In addition, WABCO's modular approach helps commercial vehicle manufacturers to develop a range from value-based to premium truck and bus models on the same vehicle platforms depending on market needs.


Customer Value
  • Supports OEM's globalization and export strategies
  • Enables rapid adaptation of global vehicle platforms to regional requirements
  • Reduces global product development and release efforts for OEMs
  • Delivers easier customization and shorter time to market
  • High standardization supports OEM lean manufacturing systems
  • Reduces logistics requirements due to fewer variants
  • Supplemented by OnHand™ to provide back-up required for next automation levels
  • Provides common braking system platform for EBS and ABS
  • System integration allows easy interchangeability of ABS and EBS variants
  • Comes with increased standardization and significant number of shared components
  • Mechanical component compatibility enables scalable system upgrades
  • Standardized software modules offer scalable functions for ABS and EBS
  • System development process complies with automotive safety standards
  • Seamlessly integrates with WABCO OnHand™ Electro-Pneumatic Parking Brake