Customized AMT

Market leading transmission automation systems

WABCO develops tailored transmission automation solutions to effectively transform a given gearbox into an automated manual transmission.


  • Relieves driver from clutch and shifting operations
  • Supports efficient and economical driving
  • Minimized driver fatigue increases safety
  • Offers fuel savings of up to 3%
  • Reduced clutch wear extends component life
  • Reduce maintenance costs improve vehicle uptime
  • Shifts gears and operates clutch automatically at optimal speed or according to driver demand
  • Operates in high temperature conditions (Euro 6)
  • High level of system integration reduces component weight and installation space
  • Applicable in combination with hybrid technology
  • Smart interaction with other systems enables value-adding features e.g. Predictive Eco Cruise Control and Hill Start Aid
  • Heavy, medium and light duty truck
  • Bus, coach
  • Off-Highway