SCR Water Control Valve

Support Emission Control of Selective Catalytic Reduction

Supports emission control of Selective Catalytic Reduction. Built to last, yet lightweight and filter-free for low maintenance.

  • It significantly extends WABCO's range of technologies that help original equipment manufacturers to advance vehicle efficiency and improve environmental friendliness
  • Helps OEMs to meet international regulations on emission reduction
  • Robust design optimizes product lifetime
  • Meets ideally the SCR requirements
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Works within all emission regulation environments
  • Control of coolant flow through Urea tank (for SCR) maintains defined temperature levels
  • Highest Flow rates, lowest current draw
  • Designed to tolerate a certain level of dirt in the coolant circuit – filter not required
  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion resistance due to plastic body
  • Solution that works within widest range of ambient as well as fluid temperature
  • Safest fixation point near to center of mass