MAXX™ Range

New single-piston air disc brake range with best weight-performance ratio

MAXX range - a new and complete range of high performance, single-piston braking products for trucks, buses and trailers worldwide. It represents the commercial vehicle industry’s lightest and highest performing single-piston air disc brakes.

Superbly engineered and compactly designed, WABCO's MAXX range reduces the vehicle’s overall weight, boosting fuel efficiency and enabling more transport payload.

  • Combination of lightweight design with high brake torques provides best weight-performance ratio
  • Bidirectional adjuster mechanism ensures optimal running clearance to prevent hot running brakes
  • Exchangeable plug-and-play sensor reduces maintenance costs
  • Superior reliability from road proven single-piston design
  • Significant improvement on stopping distance versus drum brake application
  • New range of air disc brakes for all common wheel sizes
  • Reinforced clamping unit in a monobloc caliper
  • Redundant sealing combined with stable metal caps
  • Exchangeable wear sensor (continuous or end-of-life)
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