Next generation of tire pressure monitoring

Avoid blowouts and unnecessary wear with this next generation tire pressure monitoring system that's easy to retrofit.

  • Early leakage detection reduces downtime due to tire blowouts
  • Contributes to an extended tire life by maintaining recommended tire pressure
  • Helps to avoid under-inflation, a major contributor to increased fuel consumption
  • Warns the driver via the dashboard or an external display
  • Internal sensor measures air temperature, enabling a more precise pressure monitoring
  • Up to 10 years of sensor life
  • Telematics connectivity enables real-time fleet notification
  • New internal sensor in addition to the still offered external sensor
  • New ECU manages information from two different sensor types – internal or external
  • Possibility to choose between internal or external sensor solution
  • Ability to combine a motor vehicle equipped with internal sensors with a towered vehicle furnished with external modules or vice versa
  • Continuous correlation between tire temperature and pressure with internal sensor improves reliability
  • Long sensor life
  • Telematics connectivity enables real-time fleet notification
  • Applicable for the widest range of commercial vehicles
  • One system covering the full truck-trailer combination
  • Trailer, semi-trailer, drawbar-trailer, central-axle-trailer
Aftermarket Benefits
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Compatible with all braking system brands

8200100643-Opti Tire EN

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