Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Most widely used climate control system in Western Europe

WABCO's electronic Automatic Temperature Control system automatically regulates the temperature. When outside temperatures are low, a slightly higher temperature is generated in the cabin without the driver's intervention to ensure that the driver's cabin heats up quickly and the windscreen is de-iced rapidly. On warm days, HVAC provides an increased throughput to lower the cabin temperature.


System layout

  • High modularity and wide parameter-setting possibilities
  • Optimized development efforts for different bus configurations
  • Fewer variants
  • Easier assembly, reduce manufacturing costs
  • Independent management of HVAC components allows you to select your own supplier
  • Optimize vehicle functionality through interaction with Multiplex system information


  • Standard WABCO diagnostics for all systems available
  • Worldwide support available via WABCO service network
  • Modular structure of a system with 1 control unit and up to 8 substations; universal use and quick adaptation to different bus variants
  • Connects between control unit and substation via CAN-Bus
  • System connection to CAN-bus also possible
  • All characteristics and parameters are stored in the control unit
  • Substations can be exchanged without the need to set parameters in advance
  • Heavy, medium and light duty truck
  • Bus, city-bus, coach
  • Off-Highway
Aftermarket Benefits
  • Standard WABCO diagnostics for all HVAC systems are available
  • Worldwide support is available via the WABCO partner service network