Subscribing to WABCO’s Diagnostic Services

Automotive technology is changing rapidly, with new sophisticated products coming out with ever wider ranges of functions. This means you need to stay on top of the latest technologies and the right tools to help you help your customers.

Having a WABCO Diagnostic Subscription your fixed annual fee gives you access to the full variety of WABCO diagnostics software - including any software upgrade - either for all the systems we offer or for just trailer or bus systems just fitting your and your customer needs. You also got the possibility always to be alerted by e-mail whenever a new version is available for you to download to the latest upgrades of the WABCO Diagnostics Software.

With the quick click of your mouse, the latest WABCO diagnostic software is ready for you to do diagnostics on your customer vehicles. Joining the subscription community online there is no need to send data carriers or pay separate fees and, most important, you no longer have to worry about having the latest version.

Once you have completed the necessary training, you get PINs for special security relevant functions of WABCO’s Diagnostic Software (basic diagnostics can be done without any PIN!).

Additional Information:

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