For VCS II there is no new PIN for the version 2.10 needed. The PIN of version 1.20 resp. 2.00 can be used.

Installation Process and Diagnostic Software Activation

1. Installation:

Please click download and open. All files will be decompressed and the installation starts automatically.

2. First step after installation

Please enter your user data and your series number:


You will get an information how long the program can be executed without activation:

To activate the software click Request activation code:

In the next window all fields are displaying your data. If not, please click  and open the file named LicenceNumber.wrd from the download folder.

You can request the activation key by:

Online activation requires a connection to the Internet:






If the conection fails you will get an error message with possible reasons. If it is not possible to register online an activation can be realized by contacting WABCO by phone or fax.

You can send a Fax directly or print the template and fax afterwards:

You may also send the registration data to WABCO by Email

An email will be send back with registration details.

File exchange activation is made for computers without network connection. Registration data are saved in a file and can be copied to an USB stick to a computer with network connection. The answer of the file sent to WABCO contains the activation details and can be loaded on the offline diagnostic computer.

You will get a message where to send the file to:

Please send the file as attachment:

WABCO Diagnostic Software can be activated by Phone:


Enter activation code:

You can type the code or read from received file. This is not needed for online activations.


Please click  and point to the folder where you have saved the received registration file and open it.

Click Apply activation code after typing the number or reading from file:

A wrong activation code returns

3. Run the program:

After successful activation the program starts immediately: