Trailer Electronic Braking System (EBS-E)

Central platform for trailer intelligence

Customizable central platform for the intelligent control of more than 40 functions that enhance trailer efficiency and safety.

Electronic activation of the EBS braking components reduces response and build-up times. This in turn reduces braking distance by several meters, which can be decisive in some situations. The integrated ABS function ensures driving stability and steerability throughout the braking procedure.

  • Optimizes stopping distance and improves brake stability
  • Enables control of more than 40 functions enhancing trailer efficiency and safety
  • Range of options can be fully customized to fleet preferences and needs
  • Optimizes the cost of building, operating and maintaining a trailer throughout its life
  • Can be mounted and retrofitted to all trailer types, including road trains, bi-trains and tri-trains
  • Controls brake and suspension functions
  • Includes overload protection and charging valve to ensure air suspension and brake functionality
  • Analyzes data intelligently and translates it into more than 40 functions
  • Feeds data into the Operating Data Analysis tool

Trailer-EBSE 8200100073 web English

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