Commitment to Social Corporate Responsibility


To conduct business openly and honestly, WABCO will avoid conflicts of interest and corruption.

Obey the law of the countries in which we operate and respect the dignity of every individual.

Build mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and service providers.

Comply with all regulations and contractual commitments regarding the use of intellectual property and with the law in all jurisdictions in which we do business, including especially any competition law requirement.

Protect the environment, respect the Human Rights and maintain a safe and friendly workplace.



Social responsibility applies throughout WABCO’s Global Sourcing & Purchasing organization to our employees, customers, suppliers and consultants.


Our Commitments

WABCO is truthful and forthright about communicating its performance and expects our employees to avoid situations that would compromise their objectivity at work.

WABCO makes every effort to build long-term relationships with suppliers and award business to them on the basis of the value they provide to our business or our customers.

When dealing with suppliers, WABCO:

  • Refrains from accepting gifts, favors or entertainment of greater than nominal value
  • Provides fair and open information to any supplier competing for our business
  • Protects our suppliers’ proprietary information
  • Does not make unlicensed copies of software licensed to WABCO by a
    supplier or incorporate it into our own software.

WABCO complies with national and international anti-trust laws in all countries where we do business and maintain an active global program for educating our employees in compliance with these laws.

WABCO does not participate in conversations or understandings – either formal or informal – with its competitors that involve prices, territories, market share or customers to be served.

WABCO prohibits money laundering and does not make political contributions.

And finally, WABCO is committed to providing challenging, meaningful and rewarding opportunities to all employees, regardless of race, religion, color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.