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WABCO North America

Customer Care Center

The WABCO® Customer Care Center provides complete support for the
comprehensive portfolio of products sold in North America.

This team of highly knowledgeable, specially trained professionals is based within the region, with the center of operations located at WABCO’s Americas headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. The Customer Care Center is dedicated to providing accurate and timely assistance for each and every customer. The team provides the following services:
- Technical support, including diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance, repair support and warranty claim filing for both WABCO original equipment products and WABCO aftermarket service parts
- Sales support, including parts availability, pricing and purchase order processing
- Specifications support, including guidance for replacing components on older vehicles, part specifications and other details to create solutions for customer issues
- Seamless access to WABCO-affiliated product support, including MICO® off-highway products, OptiFlow® aerodynamic solutions and TOOLBOX™ diagnostic software
All of WABCO’s customers are invited to contact the Customer Care Center, including service technicians, dealers, distributors and fleets.

The Customer Care Center is open from Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. and available to assist in English, Spanish or French.

Your Questions Answered

Below are the different types of warranty we process:

  1. Direct warranty: Every WABCO component has a WABCO warranty outlined by our model year warranty brochures.  Direct claims are filed straight to WABCO and payments are made via check or automated funds transfer to the facility that filed the claim. No OEM affiliation is required to file a direct claim, but the filer must be registered as an authorized WABCO repair facility (to register, complete the Facility Creation Form).
  2. OEM warranty: When your WABCO coverage has expired and there is still an OEM warranty on your unit, the WABCO Customer Care Center can provide an authorization code for you to file your claim with the OEM through their warranty filing system. 
  3. Service parts warranty: WABCO provides a one-year warranty (from the time of purchase) for over-the-counter service parts. These claims can be filed through completion of our Service Parts Warranty Submission Form. If you cannot file a service part claim yourself, your parts distribution center will be able to help you get parts warranty.

To file warranty, all that is required is the vehicle information, part information and diagnostics performed. If you are unsure of which diagnostics to perform, we will gladly assist to help you locate the failed portion of your system.

To maximize convenience, WABCO provides multiple options for warranty claim filing. Customers can:

  1. Submit a claim online for a WABCO original equipment product using our Warranty Submission Form.
  2. Submit a claim online for a WABCO aftermarket service part via our Service Parts Warranty Submission Form.
  3. Email us at wnacustomercare@wabco-auto.com.
  4. Call us at (855) 228-3203 (U.S./Canada) or (800) 953-0248 (Mexico). 

No, only authorized repair facilities are able file warranty claims (to register, complete the Facility Creation Form). If you are not an authorized repair facility, please work with your point of purchase to assist with warranty filing.

A filing status can be either “OEM” or “Direct” and determines who reimburses you for your claim (the OEM or WABCO, respectively). The WABCO Customer Care Center will mark your claim with the filing status you prefer.

Each OEM has its own requirements for contacting WABCO for warranty preauthorization. If required, let us know and we’ll designate your claim accordingly. Upon completion we’ll provide you with a preauthorization code for filing back through the OEM system.

If you won’t be filing your claim back with an OEM, we’ll mark your claim as direct file. Upon warranty approval, we’ll issue payment directly to your facility.

Please complete our online Facility Creation Form to get the process started. If you have questions, please call us at (855) 228-3203 (U.S./Canada) or (800) 953-0248 (Mexico) or email us at wnacustomercare@wabco-auto.com. We’re happy to assist you with the process.

WABCO’s base warranty coverage is dependent on four main factors: time in service, mileage, vocation and product model. Coverage details can be found in our model year warranty brochures. Service parts warranty coverage is one year, parts only (1yr/parts) from the date of purchase. Parts claims can be submitted via our Service Parts Warranty Submission Form.

WABCO base warranty coverage varies based on vocations below:

  • Linehaul covers high mileage operation (over 60,000 miles/year) on well-maintained major highways of concrete or asphalt construction.
  • General service covers moderate mileage operations (less than 60,000 miles/year) on well-maintained public roads (less than 10 percent off-road) with less than three (3) stops per mile.
  • Heavy service (vocational) covers vehicles with more than 10 percent off-road OR moderate to frequent starts/stops (typically with more than three stops per mile).
  • Off-Highway service covers lower mileage operations, and vehicles are not typically licensed for highway use.

We have two labor rates on record for each facility: the OEM approved rate and the Direct pay rate. Updating your OEM approved rate requires a screen shot or letter from the OEM confirming the approved rate. To update your direct pay rate, a current repair order or equivalent is sufficient.  You can submit your updated rate request via our Labor Rate Review Request form.

Service parts must be sourced through an authorized warehouse distributor or parts distribution center. Our sales department can help you locate a local parts distributor if needed.

WABCO’s warranty process allows you to easily return your core to whom it is owed. If your case is approved and a replacement part has a core, we will issue a scrap authorization so you can return it and receive your core charge refund.

Yes, please visit WABCO Customer Center (www.wabco-customercenter.com) for detailed product information including specifications, cross references, technical drawings and more.

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