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Efficiency Making Tomorrow More Efficient Today
WABCO technology improves fuel economy and reduces emissions for more efficient bus journeys. The portfolio of innovative solutions includes emissions control technology, automated manual transmissions, intelligent driver assistance and lightweight, efficient air systems. Taking the bus has never been a greener option. 

Air Processing Solutions

A broad range of air processing solutions that includes air dryers and air compressors. WABCO air processing products protect the air system against water ingress and other pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling the air regeneration to optimize performance and energy consumption.

  • Air Compressors

    With a wide range of models developed over many years of service, WABCO has a compressor design suitable for almost any application. 

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  • Air Dryers

    The WABCO System Saver family of air dryers is engineered for optimized performance with less energy consumption.

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Driveline Control

Driveline control systems and devices that help enhance safety and improve efficiency.

  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

    Modular automated manual transmission technology that can be adapted to a wide range of existing manual gear boxes. 

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Suspension Control Solutions

WABCO's air suspension control components and systems are applicable to a wide range of partial and full air suspended commercial vehicles.

  • OptiRideā„¢ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

    Designed to enhance commercial vehicle traction performance and provide ride height flexibility by managing the vehicle's air suspension.

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