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OnLane™ Lane Departure System

WABCO's OnLane™ family of products helps keep roads safer by supporting bus drivers in avoiding unintentional lane drifting. 


An Extra Eye on Safety: Optional video capturing and insights, powered by SmartDrive®

WABCO and SmartDrive® have teamed up to provide an exclusive safety package that utilizes the OnLane™camera for video safety recording. By capturing risky driving performance as it occurs, and providing fleets with critical safety insights, the SmartDrive® program helps fleets reduce collisions, exonerate drivers and improve safety.



Lane Departure Warning System

OnLaneALERT™ is a camera-based lane departure warning system (LDWS). The system utilizes a forward-looking windshield-mounted camera with a 77-degree field of view capable of monitoring and calculating the vehicle’s position within the lane. 

Warns the driver to unintentional lane drifting

Promotes turn signal usage for lane change

Camera-based detection of road markings and vehicle position relative to road markings

Integrates with SmartDrive® Systems™ to provide safety event video recording



Active Lane Keeping System

One of the first active lane keeping solutions available for commercial vehicles in the U.S., OnLaneASSIST™ takes lane-keeping assistance beyond warning-only. Recognizing the vehicle beginning to drift toward the left or right lane marker, if necessary, the system provides an assistive torque on the steering wheel to help the driver to stay in their lane. OnLaneASSIST combines a forward-looking camera and active steering gear.

Addresses the #1 critical event for large truck accidents (running out of a travel lane)

Eases overall vehicle operation, improves driver comfort and reduces driver fatigue

Optimizes vehicle uptime by reducing accident risks

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Office of Research and Analysis Publication No. FMCSA-RRA-07-017, Updated December 2014

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