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Air Suspension

Designed to enhance performance and provide ride height flexibility by managing the vehicle's air suspension.


Full Control System Offering

Air suspension has become an attractive feature for end-users providing optimum ride height, easy lifting and lowering on driver demand, as well as providing increased comfort levels, irrespective of the load carried.


System Support

Car Air Suspension
WABCO's Business Unit Car Systems has extensive full air suspension system experience spanning over 30 years. The comprehensive product portfolio includes all components and services of the control system.

Electronic Control Unit

Brain of the System
The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the brain of the system. It connects all electrical actuators and sensors. In addition, it provides the interface for system control and diagnosis. The ECU is constantly monitoring the vehicles body movement by means of the height and acceleration sensors, and controls the state of the air supply system in regards to system pressure and temperature. Depending on the driver demand and driving situation, the vehicle height is adjusted by actuation of the solenoid valves or the compressor.

Air Supply Unit

Air Suspension Compressor
WABCO compressors are fitted as original equipment in a wide range of first-class SUVs, premium passenger cars and high-end luxury limousine worldwide. The compressor is the heart of the air suspension system, pumping air up to a maximum system pressure of 17 bar.

Value to Customers

WABCO Air Suspension system can add significant value to any passenger car, SUV or light commercial vehicle. It provides a smooth ride with enhanced comfort and handling across a range of terrains from freshly-rolled highways to off-road ruts. It can lower the vehicle at higher speeds to both improve stability and reduce drag for lower fuel consumption. The system also has advantages while stationary, adjusting vehicle height to provide ease of access and loading.
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