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Safer Towards zero accidents
By ensuring that both drivers and increasingly automated technologies jointly work together to advance road safety, WABCO is offering the North America commercial vehicle industry years of experience and innovation in safety solutions for trucks, trailers and fleets. WABCO technologies are proven, durable and reliable and help make highways, streets and the loading yard safer for everyone.

Truck Solutions

WABCO's diverse portfolio of superbly engineered products serves all categories of commercial vehicles from light use to extreme off-road, ensuring WABCO innovative and industry-leading technology has a place in every truck application.

  • Truck Safety Solutions¬†

    Delivering society's demands for safer road transportation, WABCO innovates to provide end-to-end systems that support the global commercial vehicle industry's quest for zero traffic accidents.

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Trailer Solutions

Across a vast portfolio of control systems and foundation braking support, WABCO trailer safety products have proven, durable and reliable solutions for trailers and fleets. WABCO's innovative technology helps make highways, streets and the loading yard safer for everyone.

  • Trailer Safety Solutions¬†

    As a leading provider of trailer braking control and wheel-end solutions, WABCO’s creates a safer space for all road users. The industry's drive to reach zero accidents is ambitious but WABCO is fully committed to supporting this journey. 

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  • Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP)

    WABCO's intelligent trailer solutions enable trailer manufacturers to differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace while, for fleet operators, offering options to decrease running costs, reduce downtime and enhance safety.

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Bus Solutions

Urban or highway, WABCO has solutions that make bus journeys safer, moving towards the industry goal of zero accidents. The portfolio includes advanced driver assistance systems, innovative braking and stability control technologies.

  • Bus Safety Solutions¬†

    WABCO’s advanced driver assistance technology, and cutting edge brake and stability control systems makes buses safer for passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

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