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Efficiency Making Tomorrow More Efficient Today
Not every commercial vehicle measures efficiency in highway miles per gallon. WABCO understands this, and our focus on vehicle efficiency isn't just aimed at the trucks on the highway; it also includes vehicles building the highway and those extracting the raw materials, farming the land and a million other applications that don't venture onto a public road. Efficiency has never been more relevant to off-highway vehicles than it is today. With WABCO technology, off-highway vehicles can improve performance while improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and spending less time in a workshop.                      

Air Management

WABCO's air processing products help protect braking systems against pollutants while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling regeneration. WABCO offers a variety of air processing solutions suitable for almost any application. Created to meet the needs of truck, bus and agricultural vehicles, efficiency is at the forefront of every WABCO design, introducing greater operational economy into every compressor, air dryer, air processing unit, and air reservoir.

  • Air Compressors

    WABCO compressors are a proven design, featuring monobloc crankcases and a fully-hardened steel crankshaft. With a wide range of models, enjoying an unbeatable track record over many years of service, WABCO has a compressor design suitable for almost any application.

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Air Suspension

With highly innovative solutions, WABCO sets the global standard for air suspension control systems. WABCO's air suspension control components and systems help to increase driver comfort and safety by providing a self-levelling, smooth ride that conventional steel springs cannot equal. The product range includes state-of-the-art mechanical and electronically controlled air suspension solutions for chassis control as well as cabin and seat suspension.

  • OptiRideā„¢ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

    Designed to enhance vehicle traction performance and provide ride height flexibility by managing the vehicle's air suspension.


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  • Cabin Levelling Valve

    WABCO cabin levelling valves control the level of the cabin and/or the vehicle seat suspension.

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