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Cabin Levelling Valve

WABCO cabin levelling valves control the level of the cabin and/or the vehicle seat suspension.


Conventional air suspension (towing vehicle)

A longer life, lower maintenance, customizable solution with less wear than valves with dynamic sealing. The WABCO cabin levelling valve is used in the heavy-duty trucking industry on vehicles equipped with cabin air suspension systems. The valve intelligently helps preserve the correct cabin position and provides added driver comfort by responding to cabin load and changes in road conditions. 


Cabin Levelling Valve

Easy to Customize

The cabin levelling valve controls the level of cabin and/or the vehicle seat suspension. It is fastened to the chassis and the air suspension lever via a link to the driver's cabin. The cabin levelling valve can change the position of the driver's cabin by pressurizing and venting the cabin air bellows. This means a certain cabin level can always be maintained relative to the chassis.

Dedicated design for cab levelling function and air suspended seats

Ceramic based technology with plastic housing increases corrosion resistance

Low air consumption and less component weight improve fuel efficiency

Low noise levels during regulation

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