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Safety Passionately Driven to Save Lives
Working to the highest standards of the commercial automotive industry, WABCO offers the same level of quality and service to the off-highway industry,  bringing greater safety to construction sites, fields, and mines.  WABCO is one of the few suppliers for pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic brake solutions. Our extensive portfolio is designed to provide solutions and support for the evolving needs of our customers. 

Electrohydraulic and Controls

WABCO electrohydraulic and control braking components integrate electronics to improve performance and efficiency of controlled braking in off-highway machinery.

  • Electrohydraulic Brake Valves

    As part of a full power brake system, Electrohydraulic Brake Valve (EBV) series provide hydraulic power for normal and emergency power-off braking in electrohydraulic braking, anti-lock brake systems, and traction control systems. 

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  • Electronic Pedals

    Designed for use in electrohydraulic brake and/or electronic throttle control applications. Providing pedal force feedback proportional to pedal rotation.

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  • Tire Pressure Solutions

    The right tire pressure is essential for safety. This integrated system warns of over- and under-inflation of tires helping to prevent costly vehicle downtime from tire blowouts.

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  • Pressure Switches

    Featuring a robust design specifically for use in hydraulic industrial applications. Provides an electrical signal when hydraulic pressure is not within operating perimeters.

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Hydraulic Control Valves

Offering a broad range of full power hydraulic control valves providing reliable and efficient energy system management for the off-highway market.

  • Accumulator Charging Valves

    With over 70 years of proven design, the accumulator charging valves are built for heavy-duty mobile equipment. Providing energy efficient charging cycles that reduce operating costs that improves the proficiency of your application.

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  • Modulating Brake Valves

    Robust modulating brake valves help ensure reliable brake performance in demanding off-highway conditions and are offered in a broad range of configurations to meet customer-specified braking requirements.

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  • Universal Charging Valve

    Expand existing accumulator charging valve applications with innovative product offering to suit modular customization. The universal charging valve provides the custom configuration features of a manifold block with high performance of a cast valve housing to create common solutions across multiple machine platforms.

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Brakes and Brake Actuation

The most demanding off-highway applications require brake components with the best stopping credentials. WABCO has an extensive portfolio of hydraulic disc brakes, single-piston air disc brakes, master cylinders, fluid actuators, and more.

  • MAXXUS™ Air Disc Brakes

    The most demanding off-highway applications require brake components with the best stopping credentials. WABCO's high-performance air disc brakes are the future of braking.

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  • Caliper Disc Brakes

    With more than 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise, WABCO’s robust hydraulic disc brake technology has high pressure capabilities for hydraulic oil and brake fluid applications, and is ideal for industrial machines and mobile equipment.

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  • Multiple Disc Brakes

    Multiple disc brakes are fully enclosed units built to withstand harsh environments and offer a proven longer life design resulting in less downtime. 

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  • Master Cylinders

    Designed with the quality and dependability that go into every WABCO brake system product, these off-highway master cylinders are designed to meet specific application requirements.

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  • Air/Hydraulic Actuators

    Versative, high-performance air/hydraulic actuators are designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to produce high hydraulic pressures. Ideal for brake applications in the construction, material handling, mining, forestry and farming industries as well as many other industrial applications.

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