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Electrohydraulic Brake Valves

As part of a full power brake system, Electrohydraulic Brake Valve (EBV) series provide hydraulic power for normal and emergency power-off braking in electrohydraulic braking, anti-lock brake systems, and traction control systems. 


The latest technology for the world's toughest machines

Offering a wide variety of electrohydraulic brake valves and accessories, each optimized for specific full-power braking applications, including retarding, hill holding, ABS, traction control and stability control.

Electrohydraulic brake valves are a full power valve for modulating output pressures up to 207 bar (3000 PSI) in proportion to the input current. In a full power brake system, these valves provide hydraulic power for normal and emergency power-off braking for electrohydraulic brake systems, anti-lock brake systems and traction control systems.


Electrohydraulic Brake Valve - Modulating

Proportional Brake Valve

The first patented electrohydraulic brake valve design for full power brake systems. 

Simple design with minimal components

Patented auto relief feature provides high flow capacity


Electrohydraulic Proportional Brake Valve

The patented EBV-M modulating valve makes it easy for customers to insert the device into existing full-power braking systems when adding smart braking features.

Simple design with minimal components

Rated pressure at all ports of 207 bar (3000 PSI)


Custom Engineered Electrohydraulic Brake Valves

Small Changes; Big Impact

Small changes can often have a major impact - just like the addition of a feature to the EBV; features such as retarding, hill holding, ABS, traction control or stability control.

We custom engineer products for specific applications that meets or exceeds customer specific requirements. Contact an off-highway representative for your custom solution today.

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