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Anti-Lock Braking Systems

WABCO provides a wide range of pneumatic or hydraulic Anti-Lock Braking Systems for light-, medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These systems enable customers to select from a variety of functionalities, ranging from a standalone ABS up to integrated, intelligent systems.


First-to-market with Commercial Vehicle ABS

WABCO led the introduction of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to the commercial vehicle industry in North America, marking the turning point from passive to active safety. WABCO braking systems are the gateway to higher levels of safety systems including stability control and collision mitigation systems such as OnGuard™.

Pneumatic ABS For Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

WABCO provides a range of pneumatic ABS technology enabling vehicle manufacturers to select from a wide range of functionalities for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Helps to avoid slipping, skidding and jackknifing

Increases safety for the driver, vehicle and cargo, and other road users 

Available in both 12V and 24V



Modular Braking System Platform

The commercial vehicle industry's first modular braking system platform (mBSP) features a high degree of software standardization across both Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and electronic braking systems (EBS).

ABS and EBS components follow a similar packaging environment

Provides common braking system platform for EBS and ABS

Delivers easier customization and shorter time to market


Hydraulic ABS For Light- and Medium-Duty Vehicles

WABCO offers a unique range of hydraulic ABS technology that integrates electronic stability control (ESC) for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles. 

Helps to prevent wheel lock

Improves brake force distribution

Offers ESC and traction control


Electronic Braking System


Electronic activation of the EBS braking components reduces response and build-up times in brake cylinders to help reduce braking distance. EBS is available to meet a wide-range of new energy vehicles including hybrid, full battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell.

Improves driver and vehicle safety and stability

Provides comfortable braking experience

Ready to connect to OnGuard™ Collision Mitigation Systems


Brake Control Valves

Complete product line of pneumatic valves and components to meet truck, trailer and bus air brake system requirements.

Interchangeable with industry mounting practices

Die-cast and injection-molded materials to minimize weight packaging

Optional traditional SAE or push-to-connect ports

Corrosion protection against latest anti-icing materials

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