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OnGuard­™ Collision Mitigation System

WABCO introduced the original Collision Mitigation System, OnGuard™, to the commercial vehicle industry in 2008. OnGuard assists truck drivers in recognizing and responding to dangerous driving scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision. The system provides Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Active Braking, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and is always on and works when the driver needs it most.




Advanced Emergency Braking System
OnGuardACTIVE™  is an advanced driver assistance system that helps drivers mitigate or avoid rear end collisions. The system detects moving, stopped and stationary objects and provides visual, audible and haptic warnings. If necessary OnGuardACTIVE™  will apply the brakes to avoid or mitigate a forward collision

OnGuardACTIVE™  also has adaptive cruise control. While in cruise, the system detects time to collision of the moving vehicle in front. The system then remains a safe (3.6 seconds) following distance behind the followed vehicle and automatically will adjust its selected speed to remain that same distance behind.

Detects vehicles up to 650 feet ahead

Reliable anytime, including inclement weather

77GHz dual-band radar enables fast data processing for accurate object detection
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Retrofit Kits

There are several OnGuardACTIVE retrofit kits available for Freightliner P3 Cascadia vehicles. These kits enable fleets to install the advanced active safety technology on vehicles that were not equipped from the OEM.​​

A clear verification of system requirements is required before a vehicle can be retrofitted with OnGuardACTIVE. Customers can determine if their vehicle is compatible using the OnGuardACTIVE Vehicle Qualification survey.​



Advanced Emergency Braking System
OnGuardMAX™  is WABCO's next generation collision mitigation system designed to introduce the following features to the OnGuard family: Pedestrian Detection. ACC Stop & Go* as well as the features that customers have come to expect with OnGuard.

*Dependent upon braking system


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See Smarter.

Day or Night. Rain or Shine.

WABCO proudly offers the all-new OnGuardACTIVE™, now available with higher deceleration for full stopping at higher speeds and improved object detection with better object filtering by radar internal algorithms. Next generation, OnGuardMAX, provides autonomous emergency braking on vehicles and pedestrians ahead to help prevent impending collisions.

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Driver Training Video

OnGuardACTIVE is a driver assistance system and is not intended to replace driver control of the vehicle at any time.

Driver should take into account the road conditions, and any other factors they are encountering, as they choose to react to any alerts they receive from the OnGuardACTIVE system.

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