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MTS 2 Modular Door Control System

Electronic system to manage bus doors. Widely used in Europe, this highly flexible system can operate in a variety of bus configurations, managing one or many doors of different types in the same application.


What does WABCO's Bus Door Control Solution do?

WABCO’s Modular Door Control system offers safety features for different bus variants in compliance with the latest Western European legislation requirements. It can be applied to a variety of doors, such as inward and outward swinging doors with or without lifting locks, and hinged sliding doors.


Modular Door Control

Features & Capabilities

Electronically managed door control system with low part count based on standardized components

Modular system structure enabling universal use and fast adaptation to different bus variants

Can control up to eight doors

Features an innovative patented integration of door, emergency and blocking valve functions into a single electro-pneumatic valve

Connects to the vehicle via the CAN-bus

Offers integrated multiplex functions

Can control pneumatically and electrically driven doors



Modular Door Control

Customer Benefits:

Complies with European safety regulations ECE-R 107

Supports a wide range of safety features, including squeeze protection and emergency door opening

Provides a high degree of modularity and flexible parameter settings

Easy and cost-effective installation for Bus OEMs thanks to the patented single door control valve solution and the reduced number of components

Easy calibration without tools

Standard WABCO diagnostic software available in different languages

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