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Efficiency Making tomorrow more efficient today
Not every commercial vehicle measures efficiency in highway miles per gallon. WABCO understands this and our focus on vehicle efficiency isn't just aimed at the trucks on the highway. It includes the vehicles building the highway, those on construction sites, farming the land and a million other applications that don't venture onto a public road. With WABCO technology, off-highway vehicles can improve performance while reducing fuel usage, emissions and downtime.              

Air Management

WABCO's air management products help protect braking systems against pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and control regeneration. WABCO offers a variety of air management solution suitable for almost any application. Created to meet the needs of commercial vehicles, efficiency is at the forefront of every WABCO design, introducing greater operational economy into every compressor, air dryer, air processing unit, and air reservoir.

  • Engine Driven Compressors

    Advanced air compression solutions for commercial vehicles using internal combustion engines

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  • Air Dryer Cartridges

    The genuine WABCO Air Processing Unit and Air Dryer cartridges engineered to keep air brake systems operating at optimum levels of performance, helping to ensure vehicles stay on the road and out of the maintenance bay

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  • Air Drying Solutions

    The WABCO family of air dryers engineered for optimized performance.

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  • FuelGuard™ and other Electronic Air Processing Units

    The WABCO family of Air Processing Units engineered for optimized performance with less energy consumption

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  • Air Reservoirs

    Steel and aluminium compressed air reservoirs for a wide range of applications

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  • e-comp™

    Electric air compressor for vehicles with hybrid and full electric drivelines

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Clutch Control

This product portfolio offers a full range of manual and automated clutch control components, which are easy to install and maintain, and help to improve safety and comfort for passengers and drivers.

  • Clutch Control

    WABCO’s solutions help to improve vehicle safety and driver comfort through optimized gearshift operations

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Driveline Control Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to improve the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicle transmissions through gearshift automation while improving the comfort and safety of drivers by releasing them from shifting procedures throughout their journey.

  • OptiDrive™

    Designed to enhance fuel efficiency, vehicle safety and driver comfort

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Emission Control Solutions

WABCO’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) water valve technology, meeting international regulations on Nitrogen Oxide emission reduction.

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction Water Control Valve

    Selective Catalytic Reduction valve technology to meet international regulations on Nitrogen Oxide emission reduction

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Complementary suit of systems designed to support fleets and drivers to help minimize fuel consumption and emissions while contributing to vehicle uptime, driver comfort and on-time delivery.

  • OptiTire™

    Advanced tire monitoring system designed for numerous commercial vehicle applications

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