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Intelligent Trailer Program
Load Optimization Functions

Functions to monitor and optimize trailer cargo load to increase safety, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance.


What does the Intelligent Trailer Program
Load Optimization Functions provide?

Functions to prevent trailer overload but also to optimize cargo distribution and vehicle stability throughout the journey for the best possible performance


Automated load control to avoid overload on the fifth wheel

Measures the weight on the trailer axles and automatically lifts the last axle of the trailer if the first and second axles are not fully loaded

Automatically respects the total permitted weight per trailer axle

Helps to optimize load distribution to its maximum allowed capacity

Reduces risk of damage to the truck's drive axle caused by overload 

Helps to avoid penalties from overload on truck’s drive axle

OptiLoad™ is integrated in WABCO’s Trailer EBS

Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 1 or higher

Unique solution when used  in combination with OptiTurn™


OptiLevel™ 2.0

Keeps the trailer platform parallel to the ground when the cargo is unequally loaded

A level control system that automatically adjusts the trailer platform independently between left & right or front & rear.

Allows for easier unloading process by lowering front or rear of the trailer 

Two height sensors on the trailer maintain the trailer height automatically via fast lifting and lowering

2-Point is one of the six OptiLevel™ functions and also supports the Memory Level functionality


Offering high variety of control options via SmartBoard, OptiLink™, Remote Control Unit, Control Box and switch

Overload Indicator

Increases operating efficiency and safety by measuring the load on axles 

Continuously measures pressure in the air suspension at low speed and standstill to ensure it remains within programmed values 

Increases operating efficiency and safety by measuring axle loads and warning of overload.

Overload alert indicated on an external lamp or on WABCO SmartBoard

Trailer axle load levels are displayed on the WABCO SmartBoard, via OptiLink™ or in the TX-TRAILERGUARD™ telematics portal

Maximizes trailer load while avoiding overload penalties

Monitor loading status from the safety and comfort of the truck cabin

Prevents damage to chassis


Air Bellows Protector

Keeps the wheels of your tag axles on the ground

Helps avoid damage to air bellows by keeping the wheels of your tag axles on the ground

Leverages Trailer EBS to maintains residual pressure helping avoid tire bounce and wear while increasing component life

A pressure sensor positioned at the tag axle continually measures the actual pressure in the tag axle bellows

Helps to save repair costs by avoiding bouncing, oscillating and cramping of air bellows 

Reduces the number of components required to monitor and maintain pressure levels

Can be retrofitted up from Premium TEBS E2


Forklift Control

Enhances trailer stability while driving

Keeps the load balanced on central-axle trailers when a forklift is coupled or uncoupled

A switch detects the docking status of the forklift

Balances the cargo load on central axle trailers by moving the wheelbase backwards or forward

Provides a more stable and comfortable drive as the central axle trailer does not force the truck up or down 

WABCO unique function

Flexible selection of lift axles on central axle trailers

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