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Safety Passionately driven to save lives
WABCO’s innovative trailer technology makes highways, city streets and the loading yard safer for everyone. Thanks to an industry-leading portfolio of intelligent trailer braking solutions, WABCO delivers a vast range of features and functions which make trailer operations safer and more efficient. WABCO has proven, durable, cost-effective solutions for every type of trailer and every fleet, whether on highways, in towns or in the loading/unloading yards. Drivers, passengers, other road users and pedestrians are all safer with WABCO technology onboard.

Brake Actuation

WABCO‘s brake actuation technologies for air disc and drum brake applications ensure the correct transmission of power to actuate the brake, setting high standards for performance, reliability and safety. 

  • Brake Chambers

    Trusted brake chamber technology available in multiple variants comprising service brake chambers, piston type and double diaphragm spring brake chambers.

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  • WABCO EasyFit™

    WABCO’s proven automatic slack adjuster helps to achieve higher safety and efficiency levels through constant brake adjustment and lifetime lubrication.

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Trailer Air Disc Brakes

WABCO's single-piston air disc brakes are the game-changing evolution of braking technology that help to achieve higher safety and braking efficiency levels with consistently high performance, even in extreme conditions. 

  • PAN™

    PAN single-piston air disc brakes (ADB) accommodate common rim sizes and reach brake torques up to 23,000 Nm.

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  • MAXX™ 22T

    Specifically designed for trailers, the enhanced weight-performance ratio offers payload and fuel economy benefits.

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Trailer Braking and Stability Control Systems

WABCO's market-leading trailer braking and stability control solutions with over 8 million units sold worldwide

  • Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (TABS)

    The WABCO Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (TABS) is the industry’s first Anti-Lock Braking System for commercial vehicles. With an installed base of more than 6.5 million systems worldwide, it is the market-leading Trailer ABS.

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  • Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS)

    WABCO was the first to deliver electronic braking to the trailer market in 1997. It is now the global market leader for Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) with more than 2.5 million units in the market. TEBS (Version E) provides the most comprehensive portfolio of safety and efficiency functions for trailers.

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