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Air Dryer Cartridges

The genuine WABCO Air Processing Unit and Air Dryer cartridges engineered to keep air brake systems operating at optimum levels of performance, helping to ensure vehicles stay on the road and out of the maintenance bay


What do these Air Dryer Cartridges do?

WABCO was the first to introduce to the automotive market an air dryer cartridge with an integrated coalescing function that separates humidity and fine oil aerosols to protect the air system. The Air System Protector uses space-saving coalescing fleece filters to provide excellent oil separation performance without compromising the cartridge’s drying performance.


Air System ProtectorPLUS Cartridge

For all vehicles with high air consumption and oil contamination

Innovative design with oil coalescing filters before and after the desiccant bed to provide optimal separation of large oil droplets and finest aerosols.

Extends service life by 50% (recommended exchange service of 3 years under normal conditions)

Separates nearly 100% of substances such as oil and carbon reaching the air dryer, leading to reduced repair costs

Innovative inner container design allows for more desiccant inside the cartridge


Air System Protector Cartridge

For all vehicles with oil and aerosols contamination

The industry's leading coalescing cartridge providing the best drying performance

The integrated coalescing function enables a high level of protection against corrosion, freezing and pollutants.

Desiccant material remains effective even in demanding applications

Coalescing cartridges reduce repair costs thanks to an additional oil separating function

Enables up to 2-year service intervals under normal conditions

Provides more desiccant than other solutions in the market

Available for nearly all spin on cartridge air dryers


Standard Cartridge

Cartridge for vehicles with low contamination

Uses WABCO premium-grade desiccant

Available for nearly all spin on cartridge air dryers

Protects the entire air system against humidity

Desiccant material remains robust in demanding applications

2-year recommended service intervals for Standard cartridge


Recycling Cartridge

Cartridge for vehicles with low contamination

Supports many spin on cartridge air dryers

Designed for long-distance operation with limited of stop and go's

Protects the entire air system against humidity

Enables 1-year recommended service intervals under normal conditions

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