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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solution

WABCO's electronic automatic temperature control system which automatically regulates
cabin temperatures. WABCO's HVAC system is the most widely used in western Europe.


What does HVAC do?

WABCO's electronic Automatic Temperature Control system automatically regulates cabin temperature. When outside temperatures are low, a slightly higher temperature is generated in the cabin without the driver's intervention to ensure that the driver's cabin heats up quickly and the windscreen is de-iced rapidly. On warm days, HVAC provides an increased throughput to lower the cabin temperature.



Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solution

Features & Capabilities:

Controls HVAC for different bus types including hybrid and electrical driven buses

Modular system design with one control unit and up to eight substations enabling universal use and fast adaptation to different bus variants

Connections between the control unit and substation are implemented via the CAN bus available in the vehicle

All characteristics and parameters are stored in the control unit

Substations can be exchanged without the need to set parameters in advance

Front panels can be customized



Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solution

Customer Benefits:

Optimizes development efforts for different bus configurations thanks to high modularity and wide parameter-setting possibilities

Reduced number of variants to manage

Reduced  manufacturing costs via easier assembly

Offers bus OEMs flexibility in supplier selection thanks to independent management of HVAC components

Optimizes vehicle functionality through interactions with the Central Vehicle Controller Multiplex information

Standard WABCO diagnostic software available in different languages

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