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Intelligent Transmission Automation

Designed to enhance passenger and driver safety and comfort as well as fuel efficiency.

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What does Intelligent Transmission Automation do?

WABCO’s solutions release drivers from constant clutch and shift operations through automated, optimized gear shifting, offering additional benefits such as increased safety, longer component lifetime, and improved fuel efficiency.


Integrated AMT Solutions

Brand-specific transmission automation

Automated, optimized gear shifting simplifies vehicle handling and helps to improve driver efficiency across all experience levels

Customer  Benefits:

Enables a comfortable, smooth, and safe driving experience

Reduced mechanical wear helps to maximize vehicle uptime

Helps to lower fuel and maintenance costs

Minimizes driver fatigue by releasing driver from clutch and shift operations


Integrated AMT Solutions

Brand-specific transmission automation

Offers automated clutch and gear shift operations for a safer and more comfortable driving experience

Features & Capabilities:

Applicable in combination with mobility trends like hybrid technology

Smart interaction with other systems like Predictive Eco Cruise Control and Hill Start Aid

Reduced component weight contributes to increased fuel efficiency

High temperature resistance enables operation in EURO 6 environment



Leading modular transmission automation solution

Award-winning and patented technology which can turn nearly every manual transmission into an AMT

Customer Benefits:

Applies to city buses and coaches

Cost-effective solution from small volume application onwards

Lowers development cost by more than 80% versus customized solution

Offers extensive customization options with unique calibration tool myOptiDrive™

Experienced engineering support from concept to serial production



Award-winning transmission automation technology

The system automates and optimizes gear shifting in 5-18 speed manual transmissions for city buses and coaches

Features & Capabilities:

Complete system including hardware and software

Designed for constant and synchro-mesh gearboxes

System modularity easily adapts to existing gearboxes

Full automation of shifting and clutching

Helps to increase safety by interaction with systems like ABS or ESCsmart™

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