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Electronic Braking System

The full range of braking performance

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What does EBS do?

This system transfers the driver’s deceleration request electronically to all braking system components to shorten response time, balance brake forces and provide efficient brake management between service and endurance brakes.

Electronic Braking System

Market-leading commercial vehicle EBS

Trust WABCO’s 50-plus years of experience in engineering brake control for commercial vehicles

Customer Benefits:

Enables shorter stopping distances compared to conventional braking systems

Provides comfortable braking experience

Helps to optimize vehicle uptime

Helps to improve driver effectiveness


Electronic Braking System

Advanced brake control technology

Exceptional brake performance and the full range of brake control functions for tough commercial vehicle applications

Features & Capabilities:

Comes with two pneumatic and one electronic circuit for highly reliable braking performance

Able to recuperate braking energy in most of the braking maneuvers of a full-electric or hybrid-driven commercial vehicle

Offers a wide choice of value-adding functionalities without any need for additional hardware

Integrates with ESCsmart™, OnGuardACTIVE™ and TailGUARD™

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